This is a tool to maintain the alpha position you must have with your Siberian Husky. One rule you must follow though, if you do a dominance exercise, you must be prepared to win it. If the dog threatens to growl or bite, muzzle it. If the dog can overpower you, do it with someone nearby to help if it is needed or do the exercise on a table or somewhere where the dog is intimidated enough to make it possible for you to overcome it. If you lose the dominance exercise, then the dog has won and will feel more alpha--it would have been better to not do it than to let the dog win. When the dominance exercise is finished, you are the one to say, "good boy or good girl" and "OK, up" so the dog knows you have ended the exercise and are permitting it to get up. If it starts to struggle in anticipation of being let up, you must control it again and make it lay quietly--otherwise you are letting it struggle free and it is winning the exercise.

Always follow the dominance exercise with lavish praise and affection. You are not trying to make the dog submissive so much as happy to be second to you.

The simplest exercise is to lay a puppy upside down in your arms, close to your chest, with its legs up, cradled like a baby. Hold it like this and tell it to settle. Do not coochy coo it though you can say good boy if it is settling. Don't scratch or pet it or soothe it except to say good boy if it is quiet. Once it has settled, which may take 30 seconds to 15 minutes or longer, it needs to lay limp and relaxed in your arms and then you can let it down and praise and show it tremendous affection.

Sometimes it is easier to do the cradling exercise while sitting since the dog can get heavy. Remember you must be prepared to hold out as long as it takes.

The other exercise to graduate to is to lay the dog on its side, head to your left, legs sticking towards you, and to lay across the dog at the shoulder, your chest over his shoulder. Be prepared for the dog to want to escape and hold it still. Maintain this with some of your weight on the dogs shoulder saying good boy if he is quiet and no if he isn't but do not pet him or scratch him. He is to obey because you tell him too, not because you are bribing him with pets. When he is quiet, start to release the pressure and the dog will probably struggle to get up. Reassert pressure and tell the dog to stay or settle. You should be able to get up, kneeling at the dogs side and then release him, again lavishly praising and hugging the dog.

Do these exercises a couple times per day at first, depending on how rapidly he is learning to submit, more often if he struggles, less often if he submits readily. If the dog ignores your command for come or sit or NO, then do a dominance exercise on the spot if you can. You will be surprised how much more obedient the dog is if you correct him by dominating him every time he is bad. Once they settle into you being alpha, they usually are content to be your subject if you are loving, caring and trustworthy, like any good alpha should be. If you are moody and inconsistent and/or the dog is really genetically alpha, they will re-challenge you but repeating the exercises can be used for life.

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